Writing Prompt: Men And Women. Masculine And Feminine. Opposites Attract. Navigating The Binary.

So, I just read and responded to a piece by a new friend of mine, “Let Him Be The Man (https://fetlife.com/users/3424557/posts/3673145)and I realized after replying that there was a lot there that I couldn’t cover in the gender-normative binary.

Also, with HB2 here in North Carolina being a big issue and major discussion (i had 7 conversations this weekend about it, personally), this is a very current topic.

Which is where the binary comes in.

We are all a mixture of 1s and 0s. Male, female, trans, GQ… We have a blend that is uniquely ours. I don’t know a single person who is all 1s or all 0s on any gender-based scale (however erroneous that might be).

Or all Yin and no Yang or vice versa.

The Prompt

I’d love to hear your thoughts and your viewpoints on gender, gender roles and sexual identity as it relates to interactions and relationships.

    • Do you search out the differences?
    • The similarities?
    • How do they affect your D/s relations?
    • How do they affect or engage your friendships?
    • Do you have gender or binary differences that have impacted your life?

Feel free to write in your own blog and link me to it, or just think on it or write on it and keep it to yourself, if you prefer.

I have already started my piece (just like usual) and I’ll post it soon. I don’t want to influence anyone, though, as I love the idea of getting your honest and gut-instinct responses.

Write a sentence. Or a paragraph. Or an essay. Or whatever this is to you. Talk it out. Make it yours.

I’m looking forward to reading your responses!