Topping From The Bottom…

A few days back, I got a question via email, “What’s topping from the bottom?”

I read the email, then put it in the back of my head to think about.

The next day, I was on a message board, and answered a post from a submissive male who had been accused of TFTB (topping from the bottom) by a dominant woman in their early discussions.

That inspired me to write.

And I did! LOL!

Let it never be said that I don’t have opinions. *grins*

So, I’ve posted the resulting rant in the General/Open area of the discussions:

whats topping frm the bottom ?

Anyone, including the general public, can read the forums, and if you’d like to discuss the topic, you can sign up, or I can get you signed up easily.

Of course, any questions you have can be emailed to me. I may just answer them like I did this one.

I hope your Tuesday is fabulous!

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