The Categories Of Pleasure

A book I’m reading says:

One sexologist places pleasure in four different categories: physiopleasure (based in the body), sociopleasure (experienced with other people), psychopleasure (emotional pleasure experienced from initiating something or doing something—anything—for yourself), and ideopleasure (pleasure received from experiencing or creating something based on a theoretical idea such as writing a book, making a movie, creating music, or constructing a building).

So, pleasure is often considered a primarily physical pleasure. I have long known that pleasure is both mental and physical.

However, this breaks it down in new ways.

So, I can think of all my pleasure buttons getting pushed in one encounter, so to speak.

1. Sex = Physiopleasure

2. With Pet = Sociopleasure

3. Creating the scene, sitting on his face, ordering him about = Psychopleasure

4. Taking something further than I have before, trying out a new scene or humiliation tactic and seeing how it works.

I’m not sure how useful this is or will be, long term, but in this moment, I can certainly see how useful this is when looking at the many different ways I derive pleasure from sex.

How about you? What ways do you get pleasure out of sex beyond the physical?