Tease & Denial

Tease And Denial

When he walked in, I told him to strip down. Then I handed him a pair of black pantyhose to put on.He donned them as expected. And I handed him another. Ho looked at me quizzically.

The second pair had the crotch cut out, and the feet cut off. It made a lovely little top for him.

Then, I had him lay down and picked up my silver duct tape.

I used the tape to bind his legs, calf to thigh, and his wrists together.

Then, out came the knife.

I cut little holes in the nylon. A bit here, a bit there. I cut out his nipples. a small hole for the head of his cock to peek through. A hole for a single finger to toy with his ass.

As time went on, I made each of these holes larger, giving me more access to my toys. I tied him in a lovely bow with some bungee cord, and teased his cock.

This is a minute of that session.