Road Trip


Driving long distance used to be so dull.

Not much to do but read, play games on my phone, or fall asleep.

Until I discovered the joys of teasing you.


In public and private.

Then, it was only a matter of time.

I wear clothing I can get around while speeding down the highway at 80mph. I dip my fingers into my hot, wet sex and describe how badly I want your face buried between my legs, while you try to concentrate on driving.

“Can you smell my need for you?”

“Yes, my Queen.”

“Is my cock stirring?”

“Oh, yes, my Queen.”

“Mmmm. Do you want a taste?”

“Please, my Queen.”

I slide my fingers along my lips, gently slipping them in, rocking my hips against my hand as my breath quickens.

I’m splayed in my seat, leaning back, as I bring myself to orgasm, moaning softly then crying out, coating my fingers with my pleasure.

I sit up and lean over. I wipe my scent on your face, covering your mouth and chin before I push my fingers between your eager lips.

– MsNN