Poly Thinking VS. Mono Thinking? Or Something More?

I’m on a lot of dating/connecting sites. I turn off my profile and turn it back on when I feel, but like to keep myself out there, meeting interesting people.

Anyway, a guy that I’ve turned down in the past (not a match) sends me a message. I’m friendly, we chat, and then…

He says:

I’m glad, it’s always a shame to come back to this..or to see someone that you’re familiar with back on as well. I hope you find what you’re looking for. My offer for coffee and chat is always open…or just safe chat on here if you ever need to vent to a “faceless” entity. Since we’ve seen each other on Craig’s and here it means we aren’t having the best of luck. ‚Äč

My reply:

I think you read my presence here wrong. I have a long-term partner whom I love to pieces. I’m poly and a cuckoldress, and I enjoy dating sites to keep my options open. I’m not here because I’m not having luck. I’m here because I’m open to the right possibilities coming into my life. smiles

So, I looked back, and I realized that one of the man reasons I wasn’t into this guy was that he seemed mono-minded to me, even though he claimed to be poly. Didn’t want an “open relationship,” had issues with a girlfriend having a same-sex roommate, didn’t want a lover going to dinner with an ex and so on…

So, I thought that maybe it’s a mono thing.

If I see you today and you turn me down, but you’re still here 6 months later, maybe your standards have changed?

But, I don’t think that’s it.

I think it’s something deeper. A way of looking at the world.

What say you?