One View On Interracial Cuckolding

My pet posted to tumblr about a first meeting I had:

My Queen is meeting a new black bull right now. I am excited for her and for us. It is a beautiful dance we navigate together. My stomach is flipped as I wait for updates on how they are getting along and if he worthy of courting her.

And another gent reblogged, adding the comment:

Cuckoldry is all fine and good, if you’re into that. But why are two shits given about the race of the other man? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

This is my view of interracial cuckolding, and my answer to him.

I can answer you for us, not for anyone else.

I’ve always loved the look of darker hair, darker eyes, darker skin. I was married to a black man and with him for 15 years of my life. While I’m not exclusively into black men, it’s been a preference of mine.

My Pet, well, he loves the aesthetics of seeing dark skin against my very pale flesh (I am naturally light-skinned, and I mostly stay out of the sun and use SPF). He also enjoys the idea that I look for someone completely different than he is in my lovers.

Since I tend to go for taller, very well-built, hung men as well, it adds another dimension of difference, which heightens the cuckoldry.

Also, since I have a sweet, pale, ginger boy for my very own that I love dearly, when I look for a lover, I tend to look for something very different. Variety. And since I naturally gravitate towards darker skin, that’s where my inclination is.

Now, for the bulls or lovers, they like it, too. They like the color contrast. Some like the race play. We certainly don’t play this game with anyone non-consensually or make an object out of anyone (unless they specifically want that).

And one more thing: A lot of my audience prefers interracial cuckolding as well, so the race is mentioned, so that they can not only enjoy what we do, but also realize that we do it, enjoy it, and it is an attainable lifestyle.

So, yes. We like black men in our lives, generally, although, so far, our favorite bull has been an Italian that lives in Phoenix…


It’s our preferences, but not in any way a prescription for anyone else’s cuckolding.