Monday, Monday…

Well, it was a lovely weekend for me. I visited my little girl, and spent an evening with her on Saturday, while my Pet had to work on a big project that is due Wed, right before the holiday.

Was a wonderful visit, full of enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the coast, a 35-minute spanking and paddle session, and cuddling.

I also worked on our new tumbler, and put the Pet to work gathering some ideas for it as well.

As of right now, there are eight posts, six of which are sexy short vignettes, inspired by gorgeous photos.


I’ve also added a new discussion to the general discussion area of the forums:

What Are You Willing To Do For Your Partner?

It was a question posted in another forum, about what kinks are you ready/willing to take on for your partner.

I think it’s a fascinating discussion, and I hope that some of you will join me over there for this and other topics. If you don’t yet know your username and password, I’ll be happy to get it worked out for you.

Well, I’m heading back to work. Been a long Monday and it’s not over yet.

Happy Monday!

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