Like A 3-Martini Lunch, Only Better!

So, once or twice a week,Pet and I have “Funch.” It’s a combination of three words:

  • fun
  • fucking
  • lunch

Although, to be fair, the fucking is usually not on the table. After all, he is SO DAMN GOOD with his hands and mouth, and I’m an evil sumabitch who controls his orgasms and yadda, yadda, yadda…

Anyway, so today with had funch. And I was feeling a bit… I dunno how to describe it… RAWR!

Yes, RAWR! will do nicely. That’s exactly how I was feeling.

So, I decided to step up my game today.

I got all gussied up in black leather boots, black lace hipster panties, and some pretty red lipstick. I then laid down on the bed to think my evil thoughts while pet was on the way.

By the time he arrived, I had a good idea of what I wanted to do.

When he walked in, he was surprised and excited, seeing me laying on the bed in my getup. When he was fully undressed, I stood over him by about 2 inches (heels and platforms, yay!), which heightened the effect I was going for.

We embraced, and I whispered a few naughty things about him being mine, and how he needs the love and the pain and the humiliation I offer him because it is how he knows I love him—all of him—and not just a idealized version of him.

His favorite and best answer to all of this is simply, “Yes, My Queen.”


Anyway, so then I bend him over the bed, legs slightly spread so I can play with his cock and ass a bit. I spank him, just because I can, and I tell him so. I’m sort of all over the place in what I’m doing, so he can’t get used to it, or expect anything, and when I check, he is dripping like a faucet in a $15 motel.

Which makes me grin and tease him for liking abuse so much.

Then, I instruct him to lay his chest on the bed and reach behind to spread his ass cheeks for me, because I’m going to fill him up while he pleasures me.

He does (of course!) like a good boy, and I put a really substantial stainless steel plug up his ass. I then move to the bed, and lay below him, to tease him with my mouth.

Now, here’s the fun thing about teasing him: He’s on orgasm control. No cumming until next Monday when I return from DC.


I know. I’m mean.

So, I’m teasing him with my mouth while he’s getting me off (I have no restrictions, of course!), and every once in a while, he has to pull back to stop himself.

Well, one of the things about sucking cock while orgasming, is that I suck harder. And that makes it very hard to not cum (right, Pet?). LOL!

So, He’s about to bust, and I release his cock from my mouth, and his orgasm is ruined. All over my neck and chest.

I say something like, “That’s a good boy! Let that ruined orgasm paint my neck and chest while you get me off hard knowing you’re going to clean up your mess… That’s it. Lick that cunt good… That OhhhhhhhAHHHHHHH!”


Now, I’m multi-orgasmic, and I like that fine, but there are times when a really big orgasms deserves to stand on it’s own, and this was one or those times, so I tapped out.

“On your knees,” I commanded, and he dropped to his knees (my head was hanging off the bed), and he licked my neck and chest clean, like a good little subby boy.

Then he kissed me, because I told him to, and climbed back on the bed to cuddle with me.

We cuddled for a few moments, but I was too worked up, so I sat up and started playing with him.

Apparently, he was too worked up as well, with that big heavy plug in his ass, my hand on his cock, me playing with his nipples…

I had to ruin his orgasm two more times.

I was laughing at the third one, which was particularly spectacular, and I said to him, “Some people have a three martini lunch. You get a three-ruined-orgasm funch.”