I’m Teaching A Communication Workshop For Couples!


Join me and your sweetheart (or your BFF) the day before Valentine’s Day learning the core tenets of communication and practicing communication techniques.

This is the original one-hour class that so many of you love (and need) on steroids, and will dive down into issues like:

  • Communicating about sex.
  • Communicating about Jealousy.
  • Communicating your needs.
  • Knowing that your communication has been received.
  • How to stop the blame game.
  • Catch-22s and how to avoid them in your relationship.
  • Communication focusing on the 6 basic human needs and in the 5 Love Languages.
  • And more…

Lunch salad bar and a mid afternoon snack is provided, along with all that you’ll need to get through the course.

A follow-up 30-minute Skype call is available (within the next 60 days) for every couple taking the course, to discuss any communication issues that pop up after the class, to help point out where the principles you have learned apply to your real-world problems.

Bring your biggest communication challenge for the one-hour snack time/break discussion!

Doors open at 11am for the Salad Bar and Meet & Greet. Instructions and workshop start at 12pm sharp!