Fruit And Small Penis Humiliation

Let me just state for the record, I love my life.

A lot.

Very, very much.

First Part, In Which The Forbidden Fruit Is Offered

So, yesterday this bull I’ve been talking to is bantering with me. He is funny, gorgeous, and wicked-smart. I hear he’s also good with his hands.

Anyway, he sends me a photo of himself all dressed for work. He’s hot. But something is missing.

ME: Where’s that pretty cock of yours?

HOT, HUNG BULL: Lol. Safely tucked away 😉

ME: Boo!

HOT, HUNG BULL: Don’t cry!

ME: Maybe you’ll see fit to get him out for me at some point, and send me a pic? batts lashes

HOT, HUNG BULL: Better question is where would you like my pretty cock to be?

ME: Well, right now, the obvious answers aren’t available… So, in your hand or someplace creative would do…

HOT, HUNG BULL: Hmmm I’ll work on the someplace creative 😉

A bit later…

Photo of gorgeous cock draped over very LARGE Red Delicious Apple

HOT, HUNG BULL: An apple a day…

Photo of gorgeous cock draped over very LARGE Red Delicious Apple, Second Angle

HOT, HUNG BULL: Identify the Forbidden Fruit

Photo of gorgeous cock with very LARGE Red Delicious Apple balanced on top

HOT, HUNG BULL: Do you like apples? How about them apples?

I laughed and said he was enjoying himself way too much. Then, I had a thought…

Part The Second, In Which I Have Some Fun With Pet

Every day, Pet has certain exercises he does for me, to keep his cock hard and strong and responsive, to give him better orgasms, to maintain his health… and just because I like giving him orders.

I shared the lovely apple pics (because I don’t keep things from him).

When his last exercises of the day came up, I sent:

ME: While you exercise your cock for me, I’d like you to think about recreating those apple photos for me, and how inadequate your cock would be for the job. Perhaps you could do it for me with a plum. Or a strawberry. laughs

He responds a few moments later with a picture of a plum in his hand, and thanks me for the comparison.

He makes me laugh.

Episode Three: The Bonus

I’m out to dinner, and I tell the story to a few kinky friends. A bit later, Pet says hello virtually to all of them through text.

PET: Say hello

ME: Pockets says hello, Late says apricot, and MC has nothing witty.

PET: Well then. At least no one said plum 😛

ME: LOL! Oh. I told them. Late says apricots are smaller. grins

I get to laugh. My friends get to laugh. Pet is happy and humiliated.


Grand Finale

And now, I get to post the story for your amusement. Which means an even greater audience, more humiliation, and more laughter for all.