Follow Me, Follow Me, Out Of The Vanilla…

Audio File:

You have a text from me.

Read it. FEEL it resonate inside you.

Don’t just let it slip by, another piece of pixel media on a busy day.

Take a moment to yourself, to follow me. Follow my mind in the tip-toe dance of teasing down paths of fantasy.

Take a deep breath, and plunge in after me for the time it takes to feel my words, to live my passion.

Yes, you’ll have to emerge. Your day will take you over again, until you hear my siren’s call, and feel your phone vibrate. An invitation to a private rendezvous.

You and I.

Mind to mind.

Building our ideas. One upon the other.

Take my hand and follow me as I lead you. As I lead your mind, your heart, your love, and your passion to a new place.

A sexy place.

A loving place.

A you and me place.

Ah. Your average day intrudes again. Travel and work and meetings and the minutiae that piles up. Until another notification sends your heart racing, and your hands grasping for your phone.

This time, it’s a reminder. Only one short hour, until.

Follow me while I give you pleasure. Follow me while I give you pain. Follow me while I give you love.

Follow me while I give you pieces of myself, and take pieces of you, making both of us stronger. More. Greater than the sum of our parts.

Follow me, my lover, my sweet, my dear one.

Follow me, follow me, out of the vanilla.