And The Award For Most Persistent Case Of Entitlement-itis Goes To…

I wrote about entitlement about two weeks ago, and I said I give a lot of my time trying to help people in the community, because I believe it’s worth it, and it’s the right thing to do.

And then, as fate would have it, not a week later, EntitledPrick6969† comes along to knock me off my high horse, and kick me around with personal demands for privilege, for good measure.

† Not his real name.

This guy is not just your everyday, run of the mill entitled prick (EP), he’s already got at least one rant on whiny-ness under the belt that so nattily holds up his Super-Awesome-Master-Of-The-Fucking-Universe pants.

It all started innocently enough:

Hello my name is EntitledPrick6969, how are you doing today? I really enjoyed your profile and your note really hit home with me. I would love to go out with you sometime, I am kinda new to the life and looking to meet someone I can trust.

Awesome. That’s a nice introduction, if a bit heavy on the ‘I want.’ So, I check out his profile.

He live 2.5 hours from me, but I own a kink venue nearly at a mid point, so I suggest we meet there.

We can meet up but Im not into public play, my situation makes it where I would rather have 1 on 1 time. Does that work for you? You think __________ is a long drive? I thought you travel? My [super-cute body part—not cock] might change your mind:P


I just offered to meet this guy halfway, and then he questions my love of travel (what does a love of travel have to do with driving 5 hours round trip to meet some random dude who propositioned me off the interwebz?), and tells me hot hot he thinks he is.

Ok. I get it.

But, I figure, he’s new, so I respond.

To no avail. This guy is in critical condition. The entitlement has worked it’s way into every part of his life, like a cancer. It has spread it’s tendrils and crushed the humanity out of him.

Over the course of a week, I was treated to the following gems:

If you arent willing to drive 2 hours why should I drive over a hour to meet you, truthfully you should want me to save my energy for sex.

I mean Im not packing a horse dick, but I know I am not hard to look at unlike a majority on this site…

I want to see if you can out Dom me, this isnt my first BDSM experience it always fun to make a supposed alpha woman beg, alot of women have tried to make me submit but its seems my testosterone is just too much.

I have [insert psychological problem here].

You don’t understand [insert painful physical problems he has]

Maybe your the entitled one, maybe you should be thankful I can stand up and fuck you more than your travel time.

the fact that I look attractive than most should motivate women to meet me

but what you should know is I am a cut above the rest so I demand the same fucking level of respect.

your ignorant as fuck here is my point since your so successful, if I have [insert physical disability here] why wouldnt you want to cater to my needs?

If I live in a nice ass part of town, why the fuck would I want to drive, when I could roll down to trade and meet you for a drink

If I look better than most of the people on this site, have actually been paid to film and am about to run my own business as well.

If you don’t get what you want with a nice note, OBVIOUSLY start down the list of 1. how hot you are, 2. how good you’ll fuck, 3. the psychological issues you’re seeing a therapist for, and… if all else fails, bring out 4. the physical limitations that will make women pity fuck you.

And, of course, when it doesn’t work, insult. That’s a SURE way to get people into bed… or to mend a broken ego.

So, yeah. If Fet were looking for a poster child for Entitlement Issues™, I would nominate this guy. I mean, he’s a pro.