A Review For ‘In Through The Out Door’ By Kole Raymond

The Top 10 Myths & Misconceptions of Anal SexI decided to read Nookie’s book In Through The Out Door, partially out of curiosity and partially in hopes of convincing my partner to try anal sex. In the past, I’d always been too embarrassed to bring up this topic to sex partners. When the idea of anal sex came up in conversation, usually just as a joke, my partner would scoff at the idea, making sure that I knew it was not okay. I never expected that Nookie’s book would be the key to making my anal fantasies come true!

I found that while reading In Through The Out Door I was totally captivated, like I was reading some steamy romance novel. I seriously couldn’t put it down. Each section discussed things that I’d been wondering about, and really opened up my eyes to all the possibilities of anal sex. Best of all, I found the section on “How To Convince Your Partner” extremely useful. I’m happy to say that after reading the book, I was able to convince my partner to read it as well. Perhaps it was just the excitement of reading about it, but whatever it was, she was willing to try it…..and she loved it!

Also, the section on Toys and Accessories has really helped us explore new experiences in our sex life. Quite honestly, sex has never been this fun. We’ve always enjoyed using toys, both as a couple and during masturbation, so its certainly nice to find out about a completely new array of exciting gadgets to use.

Overall, I can’t say enough about this book. Nookie has a way of writing that makes it seem like she knows exactly what you’re thinking. She managed to answer all of my questions about anal sex, and entertain me at the same time. I’d certainly recommend this book to anyone that is curious about anal sex, wanting to try anal sex for the first time, and even those that are already experimenting with anal play. This book is so extensive that it definitely has something for everyone.

Thank you Nookie for putting this information together!

– Kole Raymond, CuckoldCoach.com