A New Series On Communication

I’ve just started a new series on communication, focusing on both theory and practical steps.

The first part is posted here:

com·mu·ni·ca·tion: An Improved Definition (Thoughts On Communication, Part I)

I’m not sure exactly how many parts there will be, but at some point, they will all be combined and made into a book about communication in D/s relationships.

I’m looking for questions, challenges to my thoughts, examples, and quotes to use within the book, when I expand it beyond the posts I make while I’m organizing my ideas.

If you comment on the post, or send me a question, and I end up using your contribution, you will get the book free when it’s finished.

So, please do comment and tell me how it makes you think, what questions it raises, or how you think I’m wrong.


Also, we’re up to 31 posts on our tumblr, now. If you haven;t stopped by yet (or in a while), you may want to check out what I’ve been writing.


Like my posts, reblog them, whathaveya.

And have a happy Wednesday!

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